economic reform to restore wealth to every U.S. Citizen

Please tell your senator how we can end recession and obtain wealth for every U.S. Citizen!

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economic reform to restore wealth to every U.S. Citizen

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     Long ago, a personal attack began on the creators, inventors, and healers of the world who only want to make a better place for us to live.  These researchers in what I like to refer to as spiritual science were firm believers in God - and there still are.  I cannot honestly say that this attack began with Christ.  I can honestly say that the weak of will have allowed the greedy of heart to inherit the land.  Greed has stood in the way of the people for thousands of years.  This greed has spawned a secret society of rich and powerful people who do their work behind closed doors, away from the public eye. 

economic reform to restore wealth to every U.S. Citizen

    This secret society of greed sealed their deal on the United States of America in 1913 with the "Federal Reserve Act". In order to keep the people from becoming wise they continually manipulate the media which tends to shape public opinion.  They own power companies that have left people like Nikola Tesla destitute because Tesla wanted to create free, safe, efficient energy for the world.  They control government agencies such as the FDA; in the 1930's through the 1950's the FDA has harassed and attacked people like Dr. Wilhelm Reich and Dr. Ruth Drown who invented devices that would have cured or prevented most chronic diseases like AIDS and Cancer.  They own oil companies which have terrorized people in the 1970's like Ed Gray with his "pulsed capacitor discharge engine" which uses no gas or oil, creates no pollution, and is far more efficient than any internal combustion motor.

the banker mammon drain the people thru usury
There is a good reason why the Bush Administration will NOT allow the United States membership to the International Criminal Court. Look at all the innocent civilians who have died already by "friendly fire." Why should the Bush Regime stop at Iraq - the oil? The Bush Regime has declared the U.S. as the World Wide Police Force against terror known as "Peace Keepers," yet crimes against humanity and potential for weapons of mass destruction also exist in other countries - like North Korea, who will 'mysteriously' admit, one at a time, that they have weapons of mass destruction.

Real Peace has to begin with Civilized Action. WWI and WWII have already proven US WRONG! Take action!

     This secret society of greed prefers that we weaken our minds on trivial pursuit like movies, celebrities, political diversions, 'people's court'.  They direct the media to keep the people's minds discursive with reports on tragedy, pornography, mad men and impressionable children committing acts of violence - but stay away from the money system; this might expose the truth.

     This secret society also prefers that our bodies are weakened as well.  They have their scientists do extensive research on what would look like the 'natural aging process', but would cut off ten to twenty years from the natural life of a person.  They have experts convincing the people that substances like fluoride are good and safe for them, so it's OK to spike the air and water with with all sorts of bizarre pollution.  Of course, they will always have a 'plan B' in case the people discover the truth of industrial waste poison.     This society of greed has experts who have manipulated the people into readily accepting anything. 

     I don't want to seem like the "Glum Gus" who only sees "authority" in a negative light. I Like to believe that I'm a very positive thinker which is why I have published this report on the web. I have enough faith in the people that they will ask their state representatives about the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and why our money is being controlled by a private banking system instead of a government controlled banking system which the people would ultimately legislate. In my opinion, the real authority and the final word should belong to an enlightened people - and that's YOU.

     In that great hope, I will take the time and energy from my life to report the pertinent data which proves the hypothesis of "Billions for the Bankers, Debts for the People:" That the Federal Reserve is a private organization that is nothing but a drain on the United States of America with the ulterior motive of controlling the people and their government for its own, selfish gain.

     Who has propered through good times or bad? Who has prospered consistently through War and Terror? Who prospers consistently no matter how much the stocks and economy drags while consumer confidence hits bottom - AGAIN AND AGAIN? The U.S. public is familiar with only one person from the Federal Reserve. The public doesn't know anyone else with the FED, yet will an informed public ask why they can't vote for a different chairman? Will an informed public ask why we have the same chairman year after year like the Pope instead of seeing a democratically run "government office?" Will an informed public ask exactly what comprises the Federal Reserve? Who works for it? How much money have they made? Where does the money go from all that interest they charge on the United States? Or - When do the people have control over the coining of their own money? Will an informed public ask if the Federal Reserve should be audited on a regular basis - in consideration of our present economic status? Of Course they would - which means that YOU ARE NOT INFORMED. That's what this online report is for.

    I'll admit it - I'm something of a dreamer. I used to ask myself a lot of questions when I was very young;  What if there was no suffering?  No Violence?  No Hatred?  What if there was a way to control the weather, fertilize baron wastelands, and feed people all over the world?  What if there was an unconventional energy source that could run without despoiling the land for natural resources and make no pollution?  What if there was an energy-oriented medicine that could heal the chronically sick and injured?..  What if we could control the weather to Prevent natural disasters, Flood the deserts, and Eliminate starvation? What if we had heaven on earth?  I was something of a church goer.  Instead of simply going through the motions on Sundays like most people I was praying to God with all my heart as often as I could that these things would become true.  I had resolved that I could not possibly be the only one who felt this way and that my prayer become true. 

     Through middle and high school I studied the sciences to try and find if any answer of what I prayed for was true.  Of course, it was not there.  There were a few books on the occult strung about in the school libraries.  I couldn't find the bible.  The school 'system' was more worried about getting me into the 'school spirit' and being part of the team.  I was looking for my prayers to be answered.

     Even into college I had the feeling that either I wasn't looking hard enough or information was missing from my "education." That missing information was hidden somewhere.  The information that was being handed around was rudimentary.  Physics was not answering my questions.  In fact, I had the definite feeling that the "education" at school was either playing off the media or disinforming the students. When I say "disinform" I mean they either conveniently left out some important data from history like the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 or they twisted the real purpose of scientific discoveries such as the Michelson-Morley experiment.  The teachers did not care for my questions about 'Missing Information' or God.  I discovered later that 'health organizations' such as the American Cancer Society, the EPA, and the AMA also do not care for science that would actually solve the problems of humanity when I inquired about energy medicine. 

     In my search for answers, into my late 20's, I discovered a subculture of science that has existed for thousands of years all over the world.  In the last hundred years this subculture gave us fantastic science that can truly advance human civilization into the space age.  We are talking about science that can cure the most horrendous diseases plaguing society, that can eliminate pollution, turn the deserts into fertile land, and solve the energy crisis; it is a subculture because it is dismissed by the mainstream of thought - not a perverse, snake oil society like the mainstream 'experts' would have us believe.  (In fact, there are some horrifying subcultures out there that are more mainstream than most people are willing to admit - like Satanism, blood-letting, augmentations.)

     In my search for answers within an alternate subculture of science I happened across a pamphlet from America's Covenant Church by Sheldon Emry.  My eyes were opened.  For the first time in my life I felt I was no longer the veritable "flea on the elephant's back." I discovered why I felt helpless against the system like the other kids who could not see "the forest for the trees."  For the first time I knew the roots of the real problem. Disease, economic depravity, war, perversion, terrorism, poison, lies, and deceit are merely a by-product of this unholy organization.  This pamphlet was the biggest piece of the puzzle as to why the tried and true science of inventors and healers that can absolutely change the world for the better was being rejected: The secret society of greed would lose control of the people and the people would regain control over their own lives. What is worse: The secret society of greed believes they can get away with anything - and they have. Take a good look at the newly issue Federal Reserve currency from five years ago and tell me that folding it in a particular way produces a coincidence - then look at the other side. Their front in the United States is known as the "Federal Reserve."

     Ladies and Gentlemen, beware this elephant.  As I understand  this elephant is as un-American and un-Godly as they come.  If you, as a single person, look him square in the eye, he will smash you and your family under foot.  But if enough of us gather together with trust and faith in God, we can overturn this elephant by an Audit of the Federal Reserve, a repeal of the Federal Reserve Act, and the return of coining money back into the hands of the Government, therefore, the hands of the people, where it belongs. 

     The way I have constructed this report is very much like a forest. There are multiple pathways through the navigational interface - much like the number of pathes you could take in a real forest. Each of the articles is like another tree adding to the preponderance of data which is postulated by this report. As I said before, please don't miss "the forest for the trees." Like any good forest there is a main path which is the actual report, itself. This is indicated by the "flying money" insignia in the background. Main Navigation to Billions for Bankers, Debts for the People You can also click this insignia where ever you see it to go to the site map for the report (the main path for the forest). Main navigation to the actual report has been placed in the window you see above for your convenience. {If you find that a news data stream is running strangely slow, I recommend that you close any extra windows.} Unlike a forest in the real world, this one gets bigger as I continue to archive articles and add to the pathways at this site. Ever since the Bush Administration took over there has been an intense amount of economic depravity being reported, so please forgive me if you do not immediately see some important information. I have other sites to which I must also tend. Please see the links below. God page

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