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If you haven't quite grasped the impact of the above, let us consider a small auto loan for 3 years at 18% interest.  Step 1: Citizen borrows $5,000 and pays it into circulation (it goes to the dealer, factory, miner, etc.) and signs a note agreeing to pay the Banker $6,500.  Step 2: Citizen pays $180 per month of his earnings to the Banker.  In 3 years he will take OUT of circulation $1,500 more than he put IN circulation.

    Every loan of Banker "created" money (credit) causes the same thing to happen.  Since this has happened millions of times since 1913 (and continues today), you can see why America has gone from a prosperous, debt-free nation to a debt-ridden nation where practically every home, farm and business is paying usury-tribute to some Banker.  The usury-tribute to the Bankers on personal, local, State and Federal debt totals more than the combined earnings of 25% of the working people.  Soon it will be 50% and continue up.

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