economic reform to restore wealth to every U.S. Citizen

Please tell your senator how we can end recession and obtain wealth for every U.S. Citizen!

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economic reform to restore wealth to every U.S. Citizen


economic reform to restore wealth to every U.S. Citizen

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them (around the banks), will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. 

-Thomas Jefferson

    These agents control the information available to our people.  They manipulate public opinion, elect whom they will locally and nationally, and never expose the crooked money system. 

They promote school bonds, municipal bonds, expensive and detrimental farm programs, "urban renewal," foreign aid, and many other schemes which will put the people more into debt to the Bankers.  Thoughtful citizens wonder why billions are spent on one program and billions on another which may duplicate it or even nullify it, such as paying some farmers not to raise crops , while at the same time building dams or canals to irrigate more farm land.  Crazy or stupid?  Neither.  The goal is more debt.  Thousands of government-sponsored ways to waste money go on continually.  Most make no sense, but they are never exposed for what they really are, builders of "billions for the bankers and debts for the people."

the hidden economic juggernaut in control of all media

    So-called "economic experts" write syndicated columns in hundreds of newspapers, craftily designed to prevent the people from learning the simple truth about our money system.  Commentators on radio and TV, preachers, educators, and politicians blame the people as wasteful, lazy, or spend-thrift, and blame the workers and consumers for the increase in debts and the inflation of prices {When they tell us to "keep spending" my question is "Spend what? There's no money!"}. They know the cause is the debt-money system itself.  Our people are literally drowned in charges and counter-charges designed to confuse them and keep them from understanding the unconstitutional and evil money-system that is so efficiently and silently robbing the farmers, the workers, and the businessmen of the fruits of their labors and of their freedoms.

    When some few Patriotic people or organizations who know the truth begin to expose them or try to stop any of their mad schemes, they are ridiculed and smeared as "right-wing extremists,"  "super-patriots," "ultra-rightists," "bigots," "racists," even "fascists" and "anti-semites." Any name is used which will cause them to shut up or will at least stop other people from listening to the warning they are giving.  Articles and books such as you are now reading are kept out of schools, libraries, and book stores - while useless 'freedom of speech' books on perversions and mysticism are readily accepted.  (The same goes for real cures for disease such as cancer and real answers for the energy crisis such as over unity motors which have existed for at least 50 years.  They would prefer to feed us poison in order to weaken the people and make us more pliable to their wills.)

    Some, who are especially vocal in their exposure of the treason against our people, are harassed by government agencies such as the EPA, OSHA, the IRS, and others, causing them financial loss or bankruptcy.  Using the above methods, they have been completely successful in preventing most Americans from learning the things you have read here.  However, in spite of their control of information, they realize many citizens are learning the truth.  Therefore, to prevent violence or armed resistance to their plunder of America, they plan to register all firearms and eventually to disarm all citizens.  They have to eliminate most guns, except those in the hands of their government police and army.  (Among the Fantastic, yet clandestine technologies that have been developed is mind control by use of certain electromagnetic and auditory waves.  This technology is remote and can easily be applied to the mind of an impressionable child through simple, everyday devices. The constant application of which over time can turn an impressionable, young mind into a killer.  The people are left doubting their own judgment and mistrusting their own children to the point of judging them as adults! {Also see U.S. patent #4,877,027})

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